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About ThinSilicon
We are a Silicon-Valley based company that has developed a differentiated thin-film silicon solar cell architecture that improves module efficiency, manufacturing throughput, and capital efficiency relative to the existing thin-film silicon manufacturing base. Our technology development efforts are centered on the Applied Materials SunFab toolset and are also compatible with options provided by Oerlikon Solar and Ulvac Technologies, Inc. ThinSilicon's core technology will allow for the production of the world's highest value PV modules.
Our world-class team of employees, technical advisors, and strategic tool set has allowed us to rapidly develop improved processes for each of the critical layers in thin-film silicon PV cells. We continue to focus both on our highly differentiated device architecture as well as on improving the performance of the conventional cell design currently being produced by the world's leading thin-film Si PV manufacturers.

Thin-film Silicon PV: Low-cost and scalability to help meet the world's clean energy needs
As the world's resolve to combat global warming, secure energy independence, and drive sustainable economic growth has increased, it is clearer than ever that an immense effort to speed the deployment of renewable energy technology is necessary. The scale of this challenge is so large (2008 world electrical capacity is estimated at ~2 Terawatts) that a mix of technologies will certainly be needed to make appreciable progress towards these goals. These facts result in both a huge opportunity for the photovoltaic industry and an accompanying need to greatly reduce the cost of the energy produced by PV technologies.
From a macro perspective, the only effective way the PV industry can attack these challenges is with massive scale. While a number of products and technologies will certainly survive, the technologies that represent the greatest opportunity and which will yield the greatest impact are those which are not fundamentally limited by issues related to cost, supply-chain, manufacturing, or deployment at scale. The only PV technology currently possessing these attributes is thin-film silicon. ThinSilicon Corp. is dedicated to bringing disruptive efficiency, throughput, and cost improvements to the existing large thin-film silicon manufacturing base.